SeeThruEquity Issues Earth Science Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) With Updates

SeeThruEquity recently announced that it has issued an update on the EarthScience Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) and the report is readily available from August. ETST which focuses on research and development on pharmaceutical products has recently entered into an agreement with JV with the Varsity Group, LLC to utilize their patented Kanna-Blend formula to create the CBD-based e-liquids to be traded under its subsidiary, KannaBidioD Inc.

ETST is also preparing to commercially launch the MSN-2 medical tools by the 1Q18 and the start pre-clinical/clinical research for its CBD-based pharmaceuticals before end of the year. An agreement with CDBQ to roll out the company’s three CBD-based nutraceuticals before end of 2017 will also enhance the ETST’s portfolio.

The highlights from the latest note are as follows:

New Partnerships and Product Launches To Fuel Sales Growth

ETST has recently entered into a JV partnership with the Varsity Group, LLC to make use of their patented Kanna-Blend formula to build CDB-based e-liquids that will be sold by the company’s subsidiary, KannaBidioD Inc. The four new products will be ready for sale by end of August and they include: a) Strawberry Lemonade; b) Lemon Cream; c) Grape Berry and d) Apple Pie.

The company has already been issued with pre-orders to sell about 4,000 units in their first batch. This move is expected to strengthen ETST’s presence in the new market fast growing market and product niche of the recreational smoke space is anticipated to grow to over $4.77 billion by end of 2025 basing on the study conducted by CAGR. The company also has plans underway to launch MSN-2, a device that is useful in the medical field by the first quarter of 2018.

New Marketing And Distribution Channels

ETST has finalized numerous distribution and partnerships across the globe including the strong Strategic partnership with Karmavore Superfood, Smart Medicines among others that will diversify the company’s offerings in the new markets.

Constant Price Target At $4.12

ETST has maintained its price target at $4.12 for the rest of the year and the new strategic partnerships and products launches may help in sustaining their price target at high levels.

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