Eco Building Products, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ECOB) Raises Funds and Validates Fire-Resistant Material Products with Purchase Orders

Eco Building Products, Inc. has recently turned its attention towards fire resistance and other forms of wood protection. Heavy investment in this industry has proven to be a strong strategy, as the company is receiving new purchase orders for its Wood Protection Technologies (WPT) products.  These orders span several regions and are connected to a recently signed national distribution agreement. The WPT CEO admitted sales were growing faster than expected, but he maintained that the company could scale to meet demand.

Recently, the company also filed a Form D to raise $3M in conventional equity, which the company plans to invest in expanding capacity for WPT in order to meet the anticipated increases in demand as per the previously mentioned distribution agreement. This agreement will take ECOB’s D-Fence™ products to the shelves of big box home centers, making them widely available to home owners and contractors across the continental United States. This will greatly increase brand recognition and introduce the innovative products to thousands of new potential customers.

ECOB’s wood protection technologies products aim to battle the fragility of current building materials when it comes to fire, termites, rot, and air quality contamination. Its products have proven effective at substantially reducing the risks of these common plagues to wood-based building materials, and they come at an affordable price. Currently, the company is striving to take a solid chunk out of the $1.5B wood fencing industry, with a total attainable market share forecasted around $1B for their particular niche.

With the company currently trading at $0.0004 per share and their products simultaneously starting to reach big box home center retailers, the company looks poised for organic growth into Q3 of 2017.

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